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FamilyMart (Wangan, Penghu)

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  • No2-13,Dong-an Village,Wangan Countryside,Penghu County
  • 06-9991998
  • 24 hours

Wangan Township is located in the south of the Penghu archipelago and includes 18 islands. The coastal areas of Wangan, from the southeastern tip of the island to the southwestern end, are blessed with long stretches of sandy beaches and a magnificent natural environment which are a favorite of the Green Turtle. Every summer, a great procession of Green and Loggerhead turtles come ashore to lay eggs. Tourists wishing to observe this event must first be instructed by trained staff. The view is amazing, precious and unique, and is found nowhere else. Interested visitors are welcome to join. Family Mart convenience stores, in order to serve islanders and tourists, established the Wangan branch store in July 2014 at the Wangan Tanmen Ferry Terminal waiting area. The 24/7 convenience services help meet the needs of both locals and tourists.

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