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Hexing Station

Hexing railway station, once the place to create camphor, and later the development of cement and the establishment of the station, cement plant in 1999 closed, into a no-greeting station, reentry track design has ceased to exist, leaving only chase the train juvenile love Words. Because the decline of Hexing station, the station station and the work of the premises buried in the longevity of dust, the station was intended to waste station, then a couple came forward to adopt the old station, contributed to the rebirth of Hexing station. 1958 (Republic of China 47), attended the Hsinchu high school Zeng Chunzhao, on the train met with the train to Hsinchu school students, she is the first school next to the results of Peng Zhihui. In the 1960s test day, Zeng Chunzhao oversleep did not catch the train, fear of being detained and the relationship with Peng Zhihui, then follow the track to catch the train, ran more than 2 km to the nine praise station to catch the train (then train Open really slow!), The last love this success, the two married.

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