Natural Garden Restaurant

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  • No.126, Guojiang Rd., Ligang Township, Pingtung County 905, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Creative Living – A Local Village with a Variety of Flavors – A Taste of Heaven

Natural Garden Restaurant

We embody a modern way of living in natural wellness.  Our goal is to cultivate a relaxed natural space surrounded by herbs and flowers.

The restaurant offers guests an opportunity to experience herbs, roots, flowers and organic produce locally grown in their beautiful garden and sustainably grown in the surrounding area.

Guided tours and DIY tours with rented bicycles are a great way for locals and tourists alike to get to know the diverse produce that is grown in the surrounding area and the ecologically-friendly farming methods that have been adopted.  Tours are suitable for individuals, schools and company groups.  Bike rental also allows patrons to explore the riverbank, and enjoy the local scenery.

Our business model and orientation as a link between the local agricultural community and visitors puts us in the perfect position to implement and maintain efforts in charity, Eco-tourism, sustainable organic farming and job creation.  We strive to promote the local culture and support fair trade by ensuring visitors get to experience the beauty of our area and get opportunities to get involved.