Chwem-Yuam Leisure Farm

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  • No.8, Lane 1, Yingqu Rd., Wanjin Village, Wanluan Shiang, Pingtung County 923, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • 08-7834236
  • 0800~2200

The quail garden offers delicious healthy quail cuisine and also combines the local farm to freshly harvested fresh vegetables and farmland. Provide zero carbon safe and sustainable food travel from the farm to the table zero distance experience. Take the guests to the farm to pick fruit. A variety of rural life experiences such as picking pickles, etc. The farm has an agricultural experience such as the French quail cuisine making experience. The farm is now available with fresh and vegetable experience. Hand ice cream. Hand made bread. Painted quail. Painted quail eggs. Coffee baking experience And other related rural depth experience tour.Our tour for your combination of custom planning also have a relaxed leisure roaming rural holiday trip.

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