Plum Factory

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  • No.11, Xinkai Ln., Xinyi Township, Nantou County 556, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Taiwan is a good place to celebrate the story of faithful plum DreamWorks to the town of Lutheran Township in the plum DreamWorks Park, with the park within the plum winery and processing plants to develop Taiwan to plum as the main body of the local agricultural products. Xinyi Township winery in the name of the plum winery, plum winery to Taiwan's first story of the story of the winery as the goal, the issue of wine products in addition to the transmission of faith in the traditional wine technology and flavor, the name of alcohol products , Is the mountain life story as the main axis, so that the product and the fame of the humanities style is no longer decoupling, such as: forget to go home, plum dancing, mountain pig lost, millet singing, elders speak and other lively name bit The product is no longer just a sudden native product, but with the local cultural life in front of the owner presented. Plum processing plant launched the plum product, but also inherited lively and happy in the local cultural image, in addition to rigorous processing technology and the letter of the local materials in the use of limited, good yeast, good vinegar and other products named, it is echoed plum Winery happy joy in the impression of the theme, looking forward to let the delicious open at the same time, want to be able to feel the happiness of Taiwan's mountain life culture.


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