Lifestyle Bookstore

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  • No. 12, Lane 560, Section 1, Fulong Road, Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City
  • 03-4506377

Lifestyle Bookstore is a humble bookstore featuring a lifestyle and selling new books, used books, postcards, and independent magazines. Founders Mr. Jian-fu Zheng and Mrs. Yu-sui Zheng-Hong believe that there are different possibilities in life and feeling the decline of the bookstore industry, they decided to take the chance and return to Mr. Zheng’s hometown to run a humble bookstore in a cabin sitting under the sun and on the grass. There they found comfort and self-contentment in the company of books, flowers, plants, and family far away from the hustle and bustle of work in the city.

Highway 1: Highway 1> Turn to Expressway 66 (toward Daxi)> Exit at Jinling Road Exit and turn right to Jinling Road> From Jinling Read to Fulong Road> Drive for about 2km more on Fulong Road to the bookstore.
Highway 3: Exit from Longtan Internchange> Drive along Dachang Road for about 2km> Turn right to Fulong Road> Drive for about 3km more on Fulong Road to the bookstore.