Yuhuahsin Foods Co., Ltd

Yuhuahsin was founded by the first generation of the Su family, Su Zong-Ju, in 1946. It was originally named Huahsin Pastry Shop and was renamed Yuhuahsin Food Co., Ltd. in 1992 for business expansion.Yuhuahsin mainly offered Taiwanese traditional pastries, ritual and festive foods in early years, such as ang ku kuey, longevity peaches, biscuits, pineapple cakes, wedding cakes, Chinese peanuts crispy, Chinese rice crispy, and so on. These products have won the hearts of consumers.Aside from making traditional pastries to pass on Taiwanese culture, we have been making an effort to begin catering services and offer fine delicacies in our bakery shop for the past few years.Yuhuahsin has won the Golden Prize in "Creative Dessert Carnival" of Taiwan Pastry Exhibition in 2015. We always bake with love and will keep providing high quality products and services to every consumer.

1.Bus: Take Bus BL7、BL12 to "Raohe St" Stop and across the road 2. MRT : Across form MRT Songshan Station, exit 5